Union Pacific Business Cars

Union Pacific maintains a fleet of passenger cars that they use on their business trains and on various other excursions.  Some of these cars can also be found on their steam trains.

Below is a list of Union Pacific passenger cars.  Note that for passenger cars, Union Pacific uses "UPP" as the reporting mark.

IDNameTypeYear BuiltBuilderOrigin
UPP 101Lone StarBusiness Car1950PullmanUP
UPP 102St. LouisBusiness Car1950PullmanUP
UPP 103CheyenneBusiness Car1956PullmanUP
UPP 104North PlatteBusiness Car1926PullmanLA&SL
UPP 106ShoshoneBusiness Car1914PullmanUP
UPP 114Feather RiverBusiness Car1956PullmanUP
UPP 119KenefickBusiness Car1950PullmanUP
UPP 140StanfordBusiness Car1927PullmanSP
UPP 150SunsetBusiness Car1955PullmanSP
UPP 200OmahaDeluxe Sleeper1950AC&FUP
UPP 201WyomingDeluxe Sleeper1950AC&FUP
UPP 202Willie JamesCrew Car1950BuddUP
UPP 203IdahoInspection Car1950AC&FUP
UPP 205
Power Car1946AC&FNYC
UPP 206
Power Car1946AC&FNYC
UPP 207
Power Car1949AC&FUP
UPP 208
Power Car1949AC&FUP
UPP 209Howard FoggPower Car1949AC&FUP
UPP 302OverlandDiner/Lounge1959St. Louis Car Co.UP
UPP 314Columbia RiverCrew Sleeper1950AC&FUP
UPP 315Little RockCrew Sleeper1950AC&FWAB
UPP 412Lake ForestDeluxe Sleeper1965PullmanKCS
UPP 413Lake BluffDeluxe Sleeper1965PullmanKCS
UPP 809Jim AdamsWater Car1937Alco(?)UP
UPP 814Joe JordanWater Car1937Alco(?)UP
UPP 1602Green RiverDeluxe Sleeper1950AC&FUP
UPP 1605Powder RiverDeluxe Sleeper1950AC&FUP
UPP 1610PortolaDeluxe Sleeper1950AC&FUP
UPP 2066
Power Car1950St. Louis Car Co.UP
UPP 2986City of Los AngelesLounge1949PullmanSP
UPP 4003Pacific LimitedSleeper1955AC&FUP
UPP 4808City of Los AngelesDining Car1949AC&FUP
UPP 5011City of DenverDiner/Lounge1959St. Louis Car Co.UP
UPP 5449ArdenBusiness Car1950PullmanUP
UPP 5468Katy FlyerCoach1954AC&FUP
UPP 5473Portland RoseCoach1954AC&FUP
UPP 5480Sunshine SpecialCoach1954AC&FUP
UPP 5483Texas EagleCoach1954AC&FUP
UPP 5486City of SalinaCoach1954AC&FUP
UPP 5714Golden State LimitedBaggage/Recreation1947AC&FUP
UPP 5769Council BluffsBaggage/Recreation1962St. Louis Car Co.UP
UPP 5779PromontoryMuseum Car1962St. Louis Car Co.UP
UPP 5818Reed JacksonConcession Car1960St. Louis Car Co.UP
UPP 6203Sun ValleyLounge1949AC&FUP
UPP 6334Art LockmanTool Car1962St. Louis Car Co.UP
UPP 7001ColumbineDome Coach1955AC&FUP
UPP 7011Missouri River EagleDome Diner1958PullmanUP
UPP 7015ChallengerDome Coach1958PullmanUP
UPP 8004Colorado EagleDome Diner1955AC&FUP
UPP 8008City of PortlandDome Diner1955AC&FUP
UPP 9004HarrimanDome Lounge1955AC&FUP
UPP 9005Walter DeanDome Lounge1955AC&FUP
UPP 9009City of San FranciscoDome Lounge1955AC&FUP
Note: Not all cars may  be in service at this time.

AC&F - American Car and Foundry
KCS - Kansas City Southern Railway
LA&SL - Los Angeles and Salt Lake Railroad
NYC - New York Central System
SP - Southern Pacific Railroad
UP - Union Pacific Railroad
WAB - Wabash Railroad

Source: utahrails.net
Last Updated: 22 Jan 2013